Self Realization

The true Self is an abode of infinite bliss, yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things! Until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be transient and temporary. When you realize the Self, you attain eternal happiness.

Self-Realization is a significant spiritual path to enlightenment/liberation in Eastern religions and is not to be confused with egoism, self-help or self absorption. Self-Realization refers to the realization of the true Self which is the Soul and its separation from the attachments of the Non-Self.

The “Kramic path” to Self-Realization is the traditional path to self-realization found in Hinduism and Jainism. It is a lengthy step by step process which involves renunciation, meditation, and self denial. By contrast, the “Akram Vignan path” is a stepless short path to enlightenment which brings about positive change in one’s life and relationships. With the grace and blessings of Tirthankara Lord Simandhar Swami and the Gnani Purush, it empowers one to remain unaffected in the midst of any situation.

The sign of having attained Self-Realization is the conviction that the seeker is “Pure Soul”. The inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit gradually decrease and one's experience of bliss of the Self increases. The experience of eternal peace, happiness and harmony with all living beings starts with following Akram Vignan. Self Realization brings love for all living beings and there arises a feeling of oneness with everyone because the true Self (Soul) is the same in everyone. The liberation (moksha) is attained when all karmas are completely exhausted (cleared) and one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death. This is the liberation or salvation referred to in Hinduism.

Gnan Vidhi (Self-Realization Process)

Self-Realization can only be experienced in the presence of the Gnani Purush in the “Gnan Vidhi” ceremony because the Gnani Purush is Self-Realized, free from all worldly attachments and weaknesses. The Gnani Purush has the spiritual presence and power to awaken and realize the Self in others. The Gnan Vidhi ceremony begins with a prayer to Tirthankara Lord Simandhar Swami. It involves the Gnani Purush reciting the sentences of separation which are repeated by the seekers. This process through the grace of Lord Simandhar Swami and the Gnani Purush separates the Self (Pure Soul) and the non-Self (ego/intellect) and bestows the understanding and belief that the seekers are “Pure Soul”. Then, The Gnani Purush provides instructions and prayers for maintaining the separation, protecting and nurturing the Soul and helping the seeker to live their life with equanimity and harmony.

The present Gnani Purush is Pujya Deepakbhai. He travels all over the world, including Canada, conducting the Gnan Vidhi ceremony for large gatherings.