Pujyashree's Toronto Visit - 2019

The Toronto Satsang Shibir and Gnanvidhi was organized in Toronto on June 21st to 23rd. Every year Pujyashree Deepakbhai conducts an extensive tour of North America during summer. Toronto being a major hub of Dada’s activities becomes a centre of focus when Pujyashri arrives here.
To attend this grand event, Mahatmas and Mumukshus from other Canadian cities and USA arrive in large numbers.

This year Pujyashree arrived in Toronto after blessing Mahatmas in Brazil. After almost 12 hours of night journey, Pujyashree arrived in Toronto at 4:30AM on Friday June 21st. A large crowd of Mahatmas were eagerly awaiting his arrival and gave a warm welcome to Pujyashree. Pujyashree was ever cheerful, in spite of tiresome journey, and blessed Mahatmas.

The event was organized at Sringeri Temple banquet hall. Sringeri temple is a very sacred place. Just entering in to the premises soothes the senses due to spiritual environment around and gives a homely feel.

On June 21st, Friday evening, Mahatma Satsang was organized with Pujyashree. Mahatmas got opportunity to get guidance on issues to overcome the obstacles in Gnan. Pujyashree's remarkable humour was visible along with the clarifications on intricate issues of Dada’s gnan. It truly benefited many Mahatmas.

Dada Darbar was held on June 22nd, Saturday morning. Mahatmas formed a long line. One after the other, Mahatma families got the opportunity to get up close with Pujyashree and seek blessings and personal guidance. This is an opportunity Mahatmas do not miss. Pujyashree was very gracious to speak with everyone and offer blessing.
Aptaputra Dimplebhai was also readily available for any guidance required. He had arrived from Montreal the night before. Soon after, Pujyashree had lunch with all the mahatmas.

Saturday evening was general satsang. Close to 700 Mahatmas and Mumukshus attended it. Pujyashree encouraged the Mumukshus to take Gnan the next day and start “real” spiritual journey. Mumukshus from all race and religion sought understanding on Akram Vignan. Soon after, mahatmas enjoyed Garba.

June 23 Sunday Morning - Pujya Dimplebhai conducted the Satsang. He was very gracious to elaborate on several subject with practical examples on Gnan.

The Gnanvidhi was held on Sunday evening. About 200 Mumukshus took Gnan and became Dada’s Mahatmas. Pujyashree blessed them all. Pujyashree left for New Jersey on Monday June 24 at 12:00PM.

It was truly a memorable Satsang event owing to the blessings of Gnani and selfless service by several volunteers.