Pujyashree's Toronto Visit - 2017

The great city of Toronto was blessed by Pujyashree Deepakbhai and Aptaputra from July 21st to July 23rd of 2017. The spiritual fervor of Philadelphia Guru Purnima event was still intact and in the midst of that Pujyashree was to bless mahatmas and Mumukshus in Toronto again!!

Toronto mahatmas were keenly awaiting Pujyashree’s arrival at the airport. The flight was delayed for four hours and the wait was finally over. Mahatmas could witness Pujyashree’s unshakable calmness in this event of discomfort.

Pujyashree’s satsang was organized at Sringeri Temple banquet hall. It is centrally located, serene and spiritually inspired. Mumukshus from all walks of life, races, religion and age attended Pujyashree’s satsang on Friday and Saturday. All newcomers were deeply moved by precise, unequivocal clarification of spiritual science by Pujyashree. As a result 125 Mumukshus took gyan and became Dada’s Mahatmas on Sunday, July 23rd. 

Pujya Dimplebhai conducted satsang for existing Mahatmas on the morning of Saturday, July 22nd. A constant source of inspiration, Dimplebhai directed many mahatmas for progress in Gyan through specific individual guidance.  

Every mahatma keenly waits for Picnic and Dada Darbar. This was organized on Sunday morning in a beautiful park in natural setting. Grand welcome of Pujyashree was planned. LMHT team dressed in white and black received Pujyashree at his arrival at 10:30 in the morning. Drums were played along with Asim Jai Jai kar chant by mahatmas. A light drizzle also accompanied the mahatmas in Pujyashree’s welcome.  

A beautiful surrounding and pleasant breeze in a wooded park inspired Pujyashree to go for a routine walk immediately. 180 Mahatmas followed. Pujyashree walking in front and Dimplebhai walking at the back talking to mahatmas and offering insightful solutions from spirituality to practicality. Dada Darbar followed in beautiful tent. Mahatmas personally consulted Pujysahree one by one and sought Pujyashree’s direct blessing – an unforgettable event for all mahatmas. Question answer session followed and Pujyashree stressed Mahatmas to abandon doer ship and keep equipoise (Samta) in life.  

An event occurred that would serve as a proof that Dada is always protecting Mahatmas. One Toronto Mahatma who has recently recovered from illness accompanied Pujyashree in the walk. Half way through she lost all energy and wanted to return. She required a car ride to go back, and was in pain. She spotted a car at a distance and hoped to request the driver to drop her if the car came along. But why would a car come along your way? And to her surprise the same car started coming her direction out of nowhere.  When the car came near it turned out to be of a Mahatma who offered here a ride. Who inspired that Mahatma? It is a testimony that Dada is always there for you. 

Pujyashree’s Toronto visit was over on Sunday July 23 after Gyan vidhi but a surprise event was announced for regular Toronto mahatmas – Pujyashree and Dimplebhai would be visiting Toronto Satsang Centre on July 26 Wednesday evening. A place where all Mahatmas meet every week for Dada’s devotion. An icing on the cake for Toronto Mahatmas. All mahatmas were ecstatic. It is as if Pujyashree is visiting their very own home. 

Many enthusiastic mahatmas went early and organized the place for the grand arrival. Dimplebhai came at around 7:40 and happily commented  - “Bonus (Satsang) is dearer to everyone than the salary (organized satsang)”.  Mahatmas asked very personal questions to Dimplebhai about his experiences with Pujyashree, Niruma and Dada. Dimplebhai openly told about events that many don’t know about and mahatmas took so much encouragement from the events. Dimplebhai assured all mahatmas that they need not worry about a anything – We have Dada.