Prachar Activities

Toronto is a major centre of Akram Vigyan activity in Canada and in North America

Every year Pujyashri Dipakbhai pays visit here and blesses aspirants and mahatmas through Satsang and Gnan Vidhi.
We have a group of committed mahatmas who carry a wide range of activities related to Dada’s Gnan with enthusiasm.

Prachar of Akram Vignan is an activity worth mentioning done here. A few years ago, one or two mahatmas, truly motivated by the intention of Jagat Kalyan, decided to spread Akram Vignan everywhere here. Gradually, other mahatmas started participating, and as of today, it is a major activity done through us.
We do prachar activity in many areas and with different objectives. One is general prachar, where we want people to know about Dada and Akram Vigyan. Other is event based – When Pujyashri is visiting Toronto. (Including GuruPurnima). We send out information of his arrival through various means.

About the Prachar (Public Awareness Events & Activities)

First, several major libraries have Dada’s books available. This is in line with the North American Library initiative.
Secondly, our team works in coordination with several cultural and religious groups. These groups serve ever increasing Indian communities in Toronto and suburbs. We are easily accepted in several factions of Indian culture. During major cultural events, like festivals, cultural gatherings, picnics etc, we address the group about Akram Vignan on the stage. We introduce Dada’s Gyan. We also set up information counter and distribute books and materials from there. This is been a very successful effort on our part.
Another prachar mission is during major festivals like Holi, Diwali and Navratri. We set up stalls at multiple locations in convention centres, community halls, party plots etc., where people gather for celebration. We provide free books, flyers, Satsang centre cards and information here.

These stalls frequently get busy at times.
Our mission also touches multi-ethnic areas. Our team puts Akram vignan booth at fun fares, cultural events, international conventions for religion, yoga etc. We get a very good response there.
We also explore parks where seniors socialize. We give them information about Dada and Akram vigyan and give them Dada’s material along with a warm invite to satsang and Gnan Vidhi. We have custom-made plastic dispensers installed in several temples, grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors’ and lawyers’ office with Dada material.
In short, our team does not miss any opportunity to spread Dada’s gnan. We also have plans to explore many other areas as well.

Because of such selfless work, every year we see higher numbers in Pujyashri’s satsang and Gnan Vidhi. Many of them refer to the prachar work done by our mahatmas. We get great response everywhere we go for prachar.
The team has very interesting experiences to share. Our team have met people who were with Dada. While doing prachar, we have experienced that many people are seeking solutions for problems in life. And kids’ problems are fairly wide spread. People show great interest in Dada’s books mainly - Science of Karma, Who am I, Pratikraman, Adjust everywhere, Anger and worries.
We intend to continue our work and wish to spread Dada’s message to every soul. We always seek Dada’s blessings and pray for Jagat Kalyan through our work. May Dada bless us.